Will Samsung take 3 years to copy Face ID?

The TrueDepth camera used in iPhone X is not yet available to the general public. That is, technically, other manufacturers do not yet know how to introduce a similar identification system into their devices. However, KGI Securities analyst Min-chi Kuo says it will take Samsung and Google about 2.5 years to replicate the technology.


According to inside information, Apple held a briefing on Face ID. Accordingly, Kuo's calculations were made based on the data voiced there. The analyst believes that Samsung will now have to bridge a huge technological gap in order to move from the not very accurate 2D scanning introduced in the Galaxy S8 to full 3D scanning.

Don't expect only Samsung and Google to plan ways to introduce 3D scanning as an identification method. Sony and several other companies will almost certainly join the race. They will most likely try to solve this problem using third-party developments.

However Apple is a pioneer anyway. According to Min-chi Kuo's report, the Cupertino-based corporation will lose several million potential buyers simply because they're not ready to switch from Touch ID to Face ID just yet. So whether this technology will become ubiquitous, as happened with the fingerprint scanner after the release of iPhone 5s, is still a big question.

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