IPhone 2019 will not have an in-display fingerprint sensor

Facial recognition is a relatively new technology that most smartphone companies have already adopted. So far Apple is leading the way with its TrueDepth system and Face ID. However, at the same time, a lot of attention is paid to the technology that allows embedding fingerprint sensors into the smartphone display.

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There were rumors that Apple planned to embed a sensor in the display of iPhone X, and there is still talk that the company will do this with future smartphones, despite Face ID. However, renowned analyst Ming-Chi Rej does not believe the company will do so anytime soon.

According to Kuo, the 2019 lineup iPhone certainly won't have a sensor in the display. The technology would allow you to simply put your finger on the display to unlock the device, just like with Touch ID.

All companies that make smartphones with Android take fingerprint sensor technology very seriously in the display, because it would distinguish their smartphones from iPhone (line iPhone 2019 not will contain the sensor in the display). This is due to the fact that: 1) reviews about iPhone are worse than expected; 2) reviews of the first smartphone with a sensor in the display Vivo X21 are better than expected; 3) in-display fingerprint sensor is the best option for frameless smartphones with large displays.

The fact that smartphone makers with Android are so focused on sensor technology in the display will certainly contribute to the fact that Apple, on the contrary, will ignore the technology and continue to develop Face ID. Face ID technology is a highlight Apple.

Is it possible that sometime in the future Apple will embed a fingerprint sensor in the display iPhone? Sure. Will this happen in the coming years? Hardly.

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