How to get your lost songs and playlists back in Apple Music

Listening to music on your iPhone or iPad is very convenient and pleasant. You can add hundreds of songs to your library and listen to them on your devices. But what if your songs or playlists have gone missing?

Music-Library-Playlists-on - iPhone

The fix is ​​very easy. Below, we'll show you how to get your lost songs and playlists back to Apple Music.

How to enable the Media Library iCloud

1) Open the Settings app on your device.

2) Select Music.

3) Click on the switch next to Media Library iCloud so that it turns green.


Now open the Music app and check your library. All your playlists, albums and songs must be in place.

Whether you listen to music at home, at work or on the way to school, it's always convenient to have all your favorite songs close at hand on your device.

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