What's wrong with iPhone X?

We have already talked about what, according to analysts, we should expect from the new iPhone 2018. And in this article we decided to collect some shortcomings iPhone X, which Apple should be improved for the release of the next models.


In iPhone X Apple introduced not only a completely new design for the iPhone, but also a new way of managing it. In particular, Apple abandoned the legendary Home button with Touch ID – they were replaced by gesture control and Face ID. You don't get used to such changes right away, especially after several years of using “regular” iPhone with a physical “Home” button. In addition, the impression of an extremely simple and intuitive device that is easy and convenient to use has disappeared. This is not a minus for everyone, but the feeling of using an iPhone has changed – and this is a fact.

Of course iPhone X has a lot more positive features that we love it for. Smooth system operation, incredible display, adequate battery life – all this serves as an additional reminder that this is a modern premium smartphone, and not an ordinary futuristic handicraft.

But there are a number of things about iPhone X that don't feel right. It seems that at some point the pursuit of the wow effect has become more important for the creators of the smartphone than the users. And no, we're not talking about a notch in the display or the lack of a 3.5 jack.

1. Switching between applications needs some work

The good news is that in iOS 11.3 Beta 1, the list of open applications is called up much faster than before. So the transition from one app to another will feel better soon. However, if you quickly get used to swiping up instead of double clicking on the Home button, swipes to the left and right to quickly jump to a neighboring application are not very convenient. Considering that iPhone X definitely showed us the principles of the next couple of generations of iPhones, we hope that the developers will perfect the gestures for switching between applications.

2. The protruding camera module looks even worse than before

Over the past few years, we have become accustomed to the fact that the camera in the iPhone protrudes above the surface of the body, and have come to terms with it. The camera bump in iPhone 7/7 Plus / 8/8 Plus even looks pretty – although this is a matter of taste and there will certainly be disagreements. One way or another, after that we saw iPhone X with a bulky, strongly protruding module, in which not only lenses and a flash fit, but also a microphone. Considering that the camera is not centered and so massive, it looks so-so. But, again, the taste and color.

3. Control center

The Control Center contains a large number of sliders and switches – screen brightness, volume, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other communication modules, a music player widget and applications like an alarm clock, calculator and camera. The shutter with all this splendor can be pulled out with a simple swipe up, and this is convenient even when operating Plus-modifications with one hand.

Considering that such a gesture in iPhone X was given to replace the Home button, access to the Control Center here is completely different. To do this, you need to swipe down from the top right of the display. As a reminder, iPhone X features a 5.8-inch display with an 18: 9 aspect ratio. In other words, reaching the top of it with your finger while holding the smartphone with one hand requires either a good stretch of the fingers or just big hands. So there are essentially two ways out for users. Either train your thumb to reach (risking dropping your smartphone during such maneuvers), or use your other hand for this.

There is one more point worth noting here. In the anniversary iPhone, the battery percentage can be seen only when the Control Center is open, so you will have to do this kind of hand exercises more often than you are used to on your old one iPhone.

4. Sharp edges on the keys

For some unknown reason, the volume and power keys do not have rounded edges in iPhone X, which we have become accustomed to since the days of iPhone 6. At the same time, their shape remains the same – an elongated oval. Using iPhone X, you will notice that they are really sharp – not so sharp that you cut yourself, of course, but scratching your finger is not difficult.

Another similar problem was noticed by several users. In their copies iPhone X, for some unknown reason, the SIM-card tray protrudes slightly when closed. Considering that the rest of the side panel of the smartphone is completely smooth, you can scratch on this protrusion by swiping your finger.

Moreover, these are not the only problems with the assembly. There are even photos of new iPhones with screws that are not fully twisted or unevenly built-in components appear on the Internet. Not very premium, is it?

Of course, we are talking about isolated cases and most buyers are lucky with the assembly. Nevertheless, for a smartphone with a starting price of $ 999, such flaws look at least strange.

5. Face ID is cool, but not the only option

According to statistics Apple, Face ID accuracy is 99%. It's definitely awesome and interesting to just watch the system work … but it's not always convenient or what the user wants. Imagine: you received a message notification, you want to expand the entire text, but instead accidentally click on the message. Nothing will happen in iPhone 8, but iPhone X probably “recognized” you when you looked at the screen. Bam – the smartphone is unlocked, the messenger is open, and the message is marked as read, even if you cannot reply now. It's a trifle, of course, but it's worth remembering that there were no such problems with Touch ID, and it becomes sad from the lack of choice.

In addition, Face ID is known to be slower and less comfortable in everyday use than Touch ID. Is your smartphone on the table? You either have to pick it up to unlock it, or bend over the table. Do you want to discreetly get your smartphone out of your pocket and unlock it right away so that you can be there just in case? Not with Face ID.

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