What's new in iOS 9 beta 3

As promised, the company Apple released the third beta iOS 9 on Wednesday July 8th. The third beta iOS 9 doesn't have big changes, but still the platform has a few notable new additions. Of course, the main addition is the appearance of Apple Music, with iOS 9 beta now there is access to a music streaming service Apple. But not only the updated music app appeared in iOS 9 beta 3 but also the following changes:

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What's new in iOS 9 Beta 3:

iOS - 9 - Apple - News

Apple News

With the launch of the third beta iOS 9, Apple also launched the Apple News app, an analogue of the Flipboard app. The news app is now available only for firmwares for US users.

Apple Music

The Apple Music app, currently included in iOS 9, provides access to the streaming music service, Beats 1 radio and the new Connect feature.

Two-factor authentication

Apple added a two-step verification process for users to provide iOS and OS X increased security. You can read more about enabling 2-Step Verification Apple ID.

iPad - iOS - 9 folders-4x4

New location 4? 4in folders on iPad

Slightly changing folders to iPad, now the arrangement of icons in folders has a new look 4? 4, instead of type 3? 3. Apple also made it possible to add more than 105 applications to folders.

iOS - 9 - Apple - Music-high-quality

Added “High quality over cellular” switch to Apple Music

A new setting has been discovered in the Apple Music settings, which will allow users to always stream music at the highest quality.

Selfies and Screenshots folders in Photos app

There are two new folders in the “Photos” application – “Selfies” and “Screenshots”.


In the third beta iOS 9, the volume button does not work for taking a camera snapshot.

Application Apple Watch renamed to “Clock”

If you find any new features or bugs, write us in the comments or in the feedback form.

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