What will Apple name the new models iPhone 2018?

Until last year, the names of future models iPhone were pretty obvious. However, after the release of iPhone X on the 10th anniversary of the smartphone, it became difficult to guess the names of the new models.

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Below are several options for how Apple might name the iPhone 2018 line.

  1. iPhone X (2018), iPhone X Plus, iPhone 9
  2. iPhone X2, iPhone X2 Plus, iPhone 9
  3. iPhone XS, iPhone XS Plus, iPhone 9
  4. iPhone XI, iPhone XI Plus, iPhone 9
  5. 5.8-inch iPhone, 6.5-inch iPhone, 6.1-inch iPhone
  6. 5.8-inch iPhone Pro (2018), 6.5-inch iPhone Pro (2018), 6.1-inch iPhone (2018)

Apple will release three new models iPhone this year. Last year, the only flagship was iPhone X, and this year there will be two – 5.8-inch refreshed iPhone X and a large 6.5-inch iPhone X Plus . Together with them, a budget version will be released – a 6.1-inch iPhone with a LCD – display.

Below we will briefly outline what to expect from the new models.

Features iPhone X 2018:

  • Design like the current iPhone X.
  • Improved Face ID technology with faster unlocking.
  • Powerful content, more RAM.
  • Improved dual camera.
  • Improved battery.
  • Fast charging.
  • The price is about $ 899.

Features iPhone X Plus 2018:

  • Design like iPhone X.
  • Large display.
  • Face ID.
  • Powerful content, more RAM (4GB).
  • Improved dual camera.
  • The battery is larger than iPhone X.
  • Fast charging.
  • The price is about $ 999.

Features LCD iPhone:

  • Design almost like iPhone X.
  • The build quality is slightly worse, with thicker bezels around the screen
  • Face ID.
  • 3GB of RAM.
  • One main camera.
  • Supports two SIM cards in some countries.
  • The price is about $ 600-700.

Judging by the improvements, new smartphones should be called iPhone XS, iPhone XS Plus and iPhone 8S, but this will be difficult to pronounce aloud. Using 'S' in the names of new models is a bad decision, as users decide they can wait another year before buying a brand new model.

It is unlikely Apple uses Roman numerals for names. Many people pronounce iPhone X as iPhone 'x', but the decision to name the model that way for the 10th anniversary of the smartphone was a good one. However, there is no point in continuing to do this anymore.

The company can also name new models simply iPhone, as it did with iPad, however Apple it is more profitable to advertise OLED – both premium and that they should stand out. Apple could give smartphones brand new names: 5.8-inch iPhone Pro (2018), 6.5-inch iPhone Pro (2018), 6.1-inch iPhone (2018).

Apple can use the number 2 (iPhone X2, iPhone X2 Plus, iPhone 9), and that's enough for another 10 years. But in this case, 'X' will need to be pronounced as a letter, not the number ten.

It makes the most sense that the new models will be called 5.8-inch iPhone Pro (2018), 6.5-inch iPhone Pro (2018) and 6.1-inch iPhone (2018). Let's see how it will actually be.

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