What to expect from the event Apple 'Let’s Take a Field Trip'

Last week Apple sent out invitations to the press for her 'Let’s take a field trip' event on March 27th. According to the content of the invitations, the event is intended for teachers and students. It will take place at Lane Tech College Prep High School in Chicago. Apple is hosting the event for the first time in a college rather than one of their halls.


This event will be the first since the presentation of iPhone X and iPhone 8 last September. WWDC 2018 is expected in a few months, so it is unlikely that something significant will be presented at the next event. Thanks to rumors, we already roughly know what exactly Apple will present on March 27. More on this in more detail.

New iPad Pro

What to expect from the event Apple 'Let’s Take a Field Trip'

Apple has been running a 'What’s a Computer' ad campaign for iPad Pro and Apple Pencil for over a year. The ad depicts children using iPad Pro as their first computer and also shows what they can use the device for.

Given the rumors about the updated iPad Pro, it can be assumed that Apple will present it at this particular event. In addition to standard updates, such as a more powerful A11X Bionic processor and an improved display, the new iPad Pro will receive a Face ID system. Rumors of new technology support iPad Pro are confirmed by update code iOS 11.3

For the first time Apple introduced Face ID along with iPhone X last year. The company has completely abandoned Touch ID and replaced the technology with a new one – Face ID. This is due to the lack of free space on the display of the new model as well as the lack of a 'home' button. As for the new ones iPad Pro, it is not yet known whether the company will remove Touch ID or leave it along with Face ID. If Touch ID is still abandoned, then the 'home' button will no longer be needed, and it will be replaced with gestures like iPhone X. In addition, without the button Apple it will be able to reduce the frames new ones iPad Pro and make them more compact.

According to rumors, Face ID will only be on the small 10.5-inch iPad Pro, not the 12.9-inch. However, the company is unlikely to do so, as it would simply be strange.

Apple Pencil 2

More than 2.5 years have passed since the presentation of Apple Pencil. Since then, the device has not been updated in any way. Therefore, along with the new iPad Pro, the company should also present Apple Pencil 2.

So far, little is known about the digital pencil. Earlier there was information that a magnet will be built into Apple Pencil 2, which will allow it to attach directly to iPad Pro. This feature is similar to the Surface Book and Surface Pen, and will help you avoid losing your Apple Pencil.

This information has yet to be confirmed, but Apple Pencil 2 should be improved to make it easier for artists to manipulate as they work.

Cheap MacBook (Air?) With Retina display

What to expect from the event Apple 'Let’s Take a Field Trip'

Given that Apple strongly promotes iPad Pro as a replacement for computers, it is unlikely that the company will release a cheap version MacBook. However, over the past couple of months, there have been many rumors that Apple will release a cheap MacBook with Retina display.

Different sources report different dates, but analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes the cheap MacBook will be released in the second quarter of 2018. The March 27 event will take place just at the end of the first quarter, so it is likely that the company will present the laptop already on it, and it will go on sale at the beginning of the second quarter. The cheap MacBook should be especially popular with students who cannot afford the MacBook Pro.

Nothing is known about the specs of the new MacBook, but it will definitely have a Retina display. Some sources claim that the new laptop will be part of the lineup MacBook Air. However, this is unlikely due to the age of the line and the lack of a Retina display in all of its models. Moreover, a cheap one MacBook can completely replace a ruler MacBook Air.

iPhone SE 2

What to expect from the event Apple 'Let’s Take a Field Trip'

Rumors of an updated iPhone SE 2 have been circulating for a long time. In the last couple of months, they have intensified even more, and many sources claim that they will present a new smartphone in March. According to rumors, the iPhone SE 2 will have a glass body with wireless charging support, but it will retain the design. In addition, the smartphone will receive an improved 12MP camera and a second generation Touch ID sensor.

In fact, the chances that at this event Apple will present a new 4-inch iPhone are zero. Even analyst Ming-Chi Kuo thinks that iPhone SE 2 won't be released this year.

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