What if the Galaxy S9 had a notch in the display?

Many users were surprised that Samsung did not attempt to borrow the design from iPhone X. In the end, a number of large manufacturers like ASUS and Huawei did just that, and according to rumors, soon LG will join them. Designer Martin Hayek, whose renders we often tell you about, presented what the Galaxy S9 would look like with the legendary notch in the display – and it turned out very well.

Samsung-Galaxy-S9-Notch-Martin-Hajek-3 - 680 × 450

What if the Galaxy S9 had a notch in the display? Galaxy S9N (left) and Galaxy S9 (right)

In this concept, the Samsung Galaxy S9 has almost completely disappeared. The designer himself, by the way, called this model Galaxy S9N – N from Notch (just that “notch”). And if Huawei and ASUS, copying iPhone X, made the notch less (ASUS even emphasized this in the presentation), then in the Galaxy S9N it, on the contrary, is wider than in the iPhone.

What if the Galaxy S9 had a notch in the display? Galaxy S9N, Galaxy S9 and iPhone X

The edges of the smartphone also look a little better – due to the fact that they are transparent here, and not black, as in the real S9. The notch, of course, is not here for the sake of beauty, but for a powerful facial recognition system – perhaps even more advanced than Face ID. It is important to note here that it took about 5 years to develop Face ID, and in the process Apple even borrowed Kinect technologies. It is unlikely that Samsung's resources would have allowed to do something similar for the Galaxy S9.

What if the Galaxy S9 had a notch in the display? Left to right: iPhone X, Galaxy S9N and Galaxy S9

Most likely, this year no company will come close to Face ID in terms of the speed and security of user recognition. At the same time, by 2019 it will be technologically possible to completely get rid of the cut. So Samsung, objectively speaking, had no reason to copy the notch. Perhaps in 2020 (or even sooner) there will be a bezel-less Galaxy with competitive 3D scanning technology. But it is quite possible that we will not see the notch somewhere other than these concepts.

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