Viewing Lyrics to iPhone with LyricForMusic

As of iOS 8.4 Apple recently introduced Apple Music, the updated Music app contains 30 million tracks that can be streamed or downloaded to a device for offline listening. With great features provided in Apple Music, many users would like to be able to view the lyrics.

lyricForMusic [1]

LyricForMusic is a recently released jailbreak tweak that adds this functionality to the default Music app and supports Apple Music.

Tweak allows you to view the lyrics of any song you listen to directly in the Music app. All you have to do is click once on the song from the album and the lyrics will be displayed immediately.

The tweak works not only with streaming songs from Apple Music, but also with any music that is stored locally on your device. With a single click on the album cover, you can view the lyrics for a specific song.
After installation, you can view lyrics directly in the Music application without any additional settings.

As mentioned earlier, to view the lyrics for a song that is currently playing, you need to navigate to the Now Playing interface and click on the album cover. This will display the lyrics of the song directly on the cover of the song being played. This tweak requires an internet connection in order to download the song lyrics and display it.

If you are a big fan of listening to music on iPhone, this tweak will be very useful to you. However, it has a few bugs that should be fixed in the next versions. For example, it causes slight delays in song playback when skipping to the next track. This tweak does not display lyrics for songs that are playing in iTunes Radio

If all these errors are fixed in the next updates, then LyricForMusic, by far the best tweak for viewing song lyrics, without having to search for them manually on the Internet.

LyricForMusic is available for free in the Cydia BigBoss repository and supports iOS 8 devices.

If you do not want to jailbreak to iPhone, then you can view lyrics to iOS in the notification center using the Musixmatch app.

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