Unbiased Review iPhone XS Max

Below is a detailed overview of the new iPhone XS Max, which is truly something special.


Not long ago, iPhone had fairly small 4-inch displays with large bezels at the bottom and top. iPhone was supposed to fit in any pocket while being compact and powerful. However, with the release of the 'Plus' model in 2015, a whole new world opened up for iPhone, previously dominated by massive smartphones with Android. The larger the display, the better a smartphone can be made. The new iPhone XS Max 2018 also proves this.


It costs a lot of money: the option with 512GB of memory will cost you 127,990 rubles, but if 64GB is enough for you, the smartphone will cost 96,990 rubles. Yes, it's still very expensive, but Apple calls the XS line the uncompromising smartphones with better details. The cost can really be justified if you appreciate the nice details.

The new model's display is one inch larger than the 8 Plus display thanks to its thin bezels. In addition, it is several times faster than the old iPhone 6s Plus and 7 Plus, it has a better camera , better speakers and support for wireless charging.

Please note that this is not an overview of the small 'XS', although most of the features are the same. However, there are nuances that simply cannot be achieved on a smartphone with a small display. For example, a large battery. If you have last year's iPhone X, then there is no point in buying a new Xs, but more on that later.

1. Appearance

Apple rights in terms of 'uncompromising'. XS Max is made very well. A polished and rounded steel frame separating the two glass models and great attention to detail. The more attentive will notice the new antenna bands for improved connectivity, mobile internet and Wifi.


6.5-inch AMOLED – Samsung's display with a resolution of 1242 × 2688 pixels has an aspect ratio of 19.5: 9.


Of course, the famous notch remains. Opinions are divided about it, but I believe that it created additional space around the edges of the camera, rather than depriving us of it.

The display supports True Tone technology, which works very well in all situations. Display color balance adjusts white to always appear white. The feature is annoying for some users, but I like that it happens automatically. In addition, there is also an automatic activation of Night mode, which is not appreciated until you have to turn on the display of your smartphone at three in the morning.

Inside the smartphone is the A12 Bionic processor with powerful and energy-saving 7nm cores. How important is a small processor size? Small size means less resource consumption, which in turn means less battery consumption. The 7nm process is a very impressive technology. Processors Apple are indisputably the best in the world.


iPhone The XS Max has 4GB of RAM, which is not much compared to smartphones with Android, however, the system iOS has better memory management.

The amount of conventional memory depends on how much you are willing to pay. The base version contains 64GB of memory, which should be enough for most users. Next comes 256GB, and then 512GB. That's a pretty big difference. So Apple is trying to encourage buyers to choose the middle option at the big price.

iPhone Xs 2018 supports eSIM technology, with which you can simultaneously use two operators at once. You can use one regular SIM card and one virtual one. Unfortunately, the technology is not supported in all countries, so few people will be able to use it. However, this is the first step towards embedding the technology everywhere, although it will never be as convenient as using two regular SIM cards.

Face ID is faster and more reliable. It is now secure enough to be used for payments and passwords, not just unlocking a smartphone.

You just take iPhone XS Max in your hands, and the display turns on automatically, the smartphone recognizes your face, and in a second it is already unlocked. Done. You will see the time, date and your notifications. However, you need to swipe to open the home screen. The function works great, but it could be even better.


2. System

Static home screen, navigation at the very top of the screen, lack of support for memory cards, etc. – all of these are platform flaws iOS. For longtime users iOS, however, there won't be anything fancy here – just a large display with lots of pixels and content.

The larger display looks better in landscape mode. Yes, the notch gets in the way a little, but some apps (Calendar, Notes, Mail) show more options in horizontal mode. It will be convenient to use them with Bluetooth – keyboard.


Unfortunately, the home screen does not support horizontal mode, although there is such support in the Plus models. In addition, support for it can be added to many more applications Apple. Maybe this will happen in future updates? It would be nice if Face ID also worked in horizontal mode.


Thanks to the large display, the keyboard iOS is also better. The keys are larger and more comfortable.


However, not everything has gotten bigger and better. The XS Max's tall display makes it harder to open Action Center and Control Center with one hand. Without easy access, the Xs Max will definitely have to be used with two hands.


It is also inconvenient to swipe upwards across the lock screen, since this must be done from the very bottom of the display, which is difficult to reach with your thumb. This is more difficult on the Xs Max than on iPhone X.

With the release of iPhone X, in many games and applications, the navigation menu was moved down the display due to a notch. In addition, support for a new large display has been added, along with a notch so that no black borders remain on the screen.


Update iOS 12 is out now, so we won't see any new XS smartphones with iOS 11. The new version of the system is faster, making the XS Max faster.

3. Camera

The camera of the new model is slightly larger than the camera iPhone X. The main technical specifications are the same, but the sensor is slightly larger.


The regular and telephoto 12MP lenses are available again. The system itself determines which one to choose. The telephoto lens achieved iPhone 8 Plus and X the title of the world's best camera smartphone prior to the Pixel 2 release from Google.

iPhone The XS and XS Max include a new Smart HDR feature borrowed from Google. It combines up to 10 different shots into one perfect photo. The system selects the best elements from each shot and combines them into one whole.

I was very impressed with the performance of the XS Max camera. In good light, the pictures are amazing. In poor lighting conditions, a telephoto lens usually works.

Below are the shots on the iPhone XS Max, from which you can see how well it captures the smallest details.

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