Tricking Face ID with a mask is not as easy as shown in the video

Almost immediately after the release of iPhone X, cybersecurity firm Bkav posted a video in which Face ID was tricked by a mask. The company has now shared another video detailing how they did it.


The mask is made of stone powder, and photographs of the user's eyes are pasted over the eyes.

First, the employee sets up Face ID to iPhone X and successfully unlocks the smartphone with his face. Then he does the same with a mask.

Attention recognition is also included, this feature requires you to look at the phone when unlocking.

Apple assured us of the reliability and safety of Face ID. The company even worked with Hollywood makeup specialists to ensure the technology couldn't be fooled by the mask.

Although the employees of this company managed to deceive the technology, there is still no reason to worry. There are many nuances.

First, you will need very high quality pictures of the person whose phone you want to penetrate, a 3D printer, many other materials, as well as access to the phone itself. All this will cost about $ 200.

Plus, Face ID gets better over time. In many of these videos, the trick is triggered after the face has been unlocked only once or twice. The longer you use Face ID, the more difficult it becomes to trick it.

And finally, if the trick with the mask does not work the first time, the phone will require you to enter the password. After 5 unsuccessful attempts, it can only be unlocked with a password.

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