The Samsung Galaxy S9 will have an analogue of Animoji

The Galaxy S9 and S9 + are just around the corner and from all the rumors, they'll be great top models. Samsung has always tried to make the Galaxy S range the best and trendiest. The company, of course, could not ignore the new chips iPhone X, and, apparently, is preparing an analogue of Animoji for new “galaxies” – the so-called “3D stickers”.

We-can-Animoji-too-Samsung-Galaxy-S9s-front-camera-to-have-3D-stickers-alongside-the - Intel ligent-Scan

Also, the Koreans did not ignore Face ID. The source says Samsung's technology will be called Intel ligent Scan and will combine iris scanning with 3D facial scanning. Thus, it will be possible to unlock the smartphone in a split second both in the dark and in the sun. In this case, no additional action is required. The smartphone unlocks by recognizing the user, without pressing keys or swiping across the screen.

It is worth noting here that Samsung has already used the very idea of ​​face scanning in several devices. However, until this time, it was about 2D scanning, which is not only slower but also less secure than Face ID.

As for 3D stickers – the name speaks for itself. Last year's Samsung flagships were able to add stickers to the image in the standard camera application. It works much like the instant dog and cat face filters on Snapchat and Instagram. This year we will see the same thing, only it will be possible to try on 3D masks – something like Face Rig MSQRD and Animoji.

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