The PowerPod case will add wireless charging to the case from AirPods

Soon Apple should release new ones AirPods with wireless charging case. This will allow the headphone case to be charged by simply placing it on the AirPower stand, a wireless charging device that Apple is expected to present in the near future. But what about those who have already bought the original model AirPods? Do they have to throw out the old case and buy a new one?


No. A new Kickstarter campaign will help solve this problem. The startup will be able to add wireless charging to the case from the original AirPods

The PowerPod silicone case slips around the AirPods case and adds wireless charging support. The case is very thin, but contains everything you need to support Qi wireless charging. However, for power to be transferred to the case, the PowerPod lightning cable will need to be connected to the case AirPods. Charging will then be done using a copper coil built into the case.

The PowerPod case will add wireless charging to the case from AirPods

If you like the idea, then you can support the Kickstarter campaign. She is currently supported by 359 people who have donated over $ 10,000, but the ultimate goal is to raise $ 22,000. There are still 30 days left, so the project may well be successfully implemented.

Such a case is certainly an interesting invention, but it will make your case from AirPods thicker, which will not be convenient for everyone. However, this is a matter of taste.

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