How to improve bass AirPods and make it more comfortable

Headphones AirPods from Apple seem like something magical to many, because they are not like all other Bluetooth headphones. However, they are far from perfect, and due to their shape, the headphones often fall out of the ears. The sound quality AirPods also leaves a lot to be desired, especially their bass. Fortunately, there is a way to 'hack' the headphones AirPods and fix these problems.

Apple - AirPods - test8

To do this, you need the foam ear pads. They will help them sit more securely in the ear as well as improve bass AirPods, especially when listening to music at high volumes. Moreover, this method will help your AirPods stay clean and not clogged with dust and debris.

Everything is quite simple, you just need to make a few holes in the pads, which will help the various sensors to work properly on AirPods. This way you can still activate Siri, control music, etc.

If done correctly, the functionality AirPods will not be broken in any way. You can even fit the earbuds into the case without any problem.

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