The first beta version iOS 12.1 contains support for eSIM technology

In the first beta iOS 12.1 for developers, released a week ago, support for electronic sim cards (eSIM) was discovered.

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According to Apple eSIM support was supposed to appear on iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max 'with update iOS 12 later this year' .

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iOS 12.1 beta 1 contains a new option in Settings → Cellular → Add operator. Next, you scan the QR code provided by the operator to start using its services without removing the main SIM card.

Details can also be entered manually if there is no QR code. Required details include SM-DP + address, activation code and confirmation code. You can save several electronic SIM cards on your smartphone, but you won't be able to use them at the same time.

The eSIM feature is currently only available in beta form. It doesn't work because the operators haven't activated the technology yet. Major US carriers will activate eSIM support for new ones iPhone later this fall.

Recall that the new ones iPhone are the first with support for two SIM cards: one regular nano-SIM and one electronic eSIM. Such support will allow you to use two operators at once on one device, which is very useful for those who travel frequently. The call screen iOS 12 shows the agent who is calling. iMessage and FaceTime in iOS 12.1 will contain new settings for operator selection.

'Operator selection can be set for each contact. You will be able to configure iOS so that the system automatically uses the last number you called for the contact. '

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In China, Apple sells special versions iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max with two slots for regular SIM cards, since eSIM technology is not supported there at all.

Other new features in iOS 12.1 include FaceTime conferences, Memoji sync, Face ID support in landscape mode, and hints that the new iPad Pro will have a design similar to iPhone X.

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