The drone crashed into the roof of Apple Park [Video]

While demonstrating to everyone how the drone launch over Apple Park ends, an amateur photographer smashed his drone on a roof with solar panels. The case happened last weekend, and the damaged drone was found – however, the owner is in no hurry to give it back.


The drone was flying around the main ring Apple Park when it suddenly lost control and fell down. As the photographer told Viaduct Specialist Apple Park Matthew Roberts, there were no signs that this could happen. Later, Roberts, while flying around the territory on his DJI Phantom 4 Pro, discovered the first drone, and almost unharmed. Its owner notified about this Apple, but so far the Cupertinians have not answered in any way and it seems unlikely that he will be able to get the drone back.

Roberts and other authorized drone pilots regularly fly over the main loop Apple Park. At the same time, many enthusiasts also want to launch their vehicles nearby to capture the stunning architecture of the headquarters Apple on video. Most likely Apple hereafter is an example of a measure to restrict such activity, as it could damage equipment or glass walls.

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