Teaser Huawei Mate 10: Face ID taunt?

Face ID issue during presentation iPhone X did not go unnoticed. And although she Apple later explained that the error was not in the system at all, a lot of jokes on this topic inevitably appeared on the Internet. Chinese Huawei is also not far behind. In a short teaser for the new flagship Mate 10, there is an unambiguous mockery of Face ID.


More specifically, a short video teaser with the hashtag #TheRealAIPhone (“a real phone with artificial intelligence”) appeared on the official page Huawei at Facebook. There's also the caption: “Let's be honest: face recognition is not for everyone.” In the video itself, the cartoon clown tries several times to unlock the smartphone using Face ID, but he does not succeed. The video ends with the date of the announcement Huawei Mate 10 (October 16 this year).

Teaser Huawei Mate 10: Face ID taunt?

It should be noted that trolling of other companies is a fairly common move in mobile PR campaigns. They joke about both iPhones and other Android devices, so there is no question of any special hatred for Apple.

As for the Mate 10 itself, it is expected that this Android – smartphone will be equipped with a special “neural network” module. This is necessary for advanced artificial intelligence to work. The Kirin 970 processor itself was unveiled earlier this month, so the benefits are more or less known. And there are quite a few of them: starting with the optimization of power consumption and ending with the fact that the smartphone will be able to capture a smile on the camera, even if you yourself blinked this moment and pressed the shutter button a little later.

It sounds, of course, cool, but we are waiting for the first field tests – maybe they will also make fun of the AI ​​Mate 10 in teasers of other devices (but we, of course, believe in technology and progress).

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