Should I change iPhone 8 to iPhone XS?

iPhone 8 is the latest 4.7-inch smartphone from Apple. It has now been replaced by a new 5.8-inch iPhone XS. Should you buy iPhone XS if you currently have iPhone 8? Obviously, the new smartphone has more features, but even after a year iPhone 8 is still a good smartphone. Below we will help you make a decision.

iPhone - 8 - iPhone - XS

iPhone XS is not the most significant update, for which the stores will collect long lines. However, compared to iPhone 8, iPhone XS has been significantly improved, especially in terms of design, battery and camera.

Modern design and large display

iPhone XS has a 5.8-inch True Tone display OLED on the entire front panel, which is not even close to a 4.7-inch IPS display LCD on iPhone 8. Despite the 1.1-inch difference, the body itself iPhone XS is only slightly larger than the body iPhone 8. Thanks to its bezel-less design iPhone, the XS remains a fairly compact smartphone .

iPhone 8plus_and _ iPhone 8_front

The quality of the OLED – display iPhone XS is also better. It supports playback of content in HDR10 and Dolby Vision, and has better color reproduction and contrast. LCD – the display iPhone 8 cannot be called bad, but it lags far behind the new smartphone.

The biggest difference between these two smartphones is their design. iPhone 8 already looks outdated, but iPhone XS is very modern. Both models have a glass back, but the bezel-less display iPhone XS gives it a futuristic look. In addition, the frames iPhone XS are made of stainless steel and the frames iPhone 8 are made of aluminum.

iPhone XS is IP68 water and dust resistant, and iPhone 8 is IP67.


Despite the new A12 Bionic processor, the performance of the iPhone XS is not much better iPhone 8. The A11 Bionic processor remains very powerful. In addition, the update iOS 12 will make the performance of last year's smartphone even better.

TrueDepth camera and Face ID

iPhone 8 has a regular FaceTime HD camera and iPhone XS has a new TrueDepth system. This system is much more complex and consists of many sensors and a 7MP camera. The TrueDepth system can read depth information. It also powers the Face ID system, which is now even faster and more accurate than iPhone X.


iPhone 8 still has Touch ID authentication. While more reliable, fingerprint sensors are a thing of the past when Apple introduced Face ID technology, which is more convenient and advanced.

The TrueDepth camera on iPhone XS also provides Animoji, Memoji, and Portrait mode with Depth function. All of these features are not present on iPhone 8. This is not the main reason to update your smartphone, but it cannot be denied that Face ID is much more convenient than Touch ID. And Memoji and Animoji are a fun new way to connect with your loved ones.

Main camera

The iPhone 8 has one 12MP main camera and the iPhone XS has a dual camera. In terms of camera, the iPhone XS is a pretty big upgrade over iPhone 8. The camera of the new smartphone has improved in almost every key aspect, including when shooting in low light. iPhone The XS supports Smart HDR, which captures images with sharper details and better dynamic range. iPhone XS can also record stereo sound from video.

The main camera iPhone XS is much better than the camera iPhone 8. In addition, it supports the 'Portrait' mode, which is not on iPhone 8. However, if you rarely do photos, then the camera iPhone 8 will be enough for you.

Apple - iPhone - Xs-back-camera-09122018

Two SIM cards

If you have to carry two smartphones with different numbers, you may want to consider buying the iPhone XS, because it supports two SIM cards. However, before making a decision, check if your carrier supports eSIM technology. With this technology, you can use one regular SIM card and one virtual one. Not all operators support the technology.


If you have iPhone 8 with 256GB of storage, and this is not enough for you, you can buy iPhone XS with 512GB of storage. For most users, 256GB should be enough, but if that's not enough for you, you should upgrade to iPhone XS.


The battery iPhone 8 is not powerful. The battery iPhone of the XS is good enough to keep you active all day long. If charging iPhone 8 isn't enough for you, the iPhone XS won't disappoint you in this regard.


iPhone XS from 87990 rub. – a very expensive smartphone. Although it contains many features, the price is hardly justified. If you don't have money problems, feel free to buy iPhone XS. If this is not the case, it is better to wait for the budget iPhone XR to be released.

iPhone XS is better than iPhone 8 in almost every spec including battery, camera and display. However, the difference in cost will seem to many too large and unjustified. If your budget is tight, look forward to the iPhone XR release in October.

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