Shooting almost finished Apple Park from a drone

Apple The Park has been under construction for a long time, but the day of completion of the work is already close.


Apple has even started to admit visitors there. In September, the company held a showcase for iPhone X, Apple TV 4K and other devices at the Steve Jobs Theater on campus. In addition, a visitor center site has recently been launched. The new campus is gigantic and looks incredible, especially in drone footage.

Blogger Matthew Roberts has posted on YouTube a new video of the nearly completed Apple Park, filmed with a drone. The 4K video shows the visitor center across the street from the main spaceship-shaped building.

The video also shows the roof of the visitor center made of carbon fiber, which is very often used in the headquarters. In addition, you can consider the new campus and its surroundings. Most of the work on the landscape has been completed, the building itself is also almost ready.

However, the landscape is not yet fully completed, especially near the fitness center. It looks like the final construction work will be completed early next year. The company has already started launching employees, so Apple is ready to start working in the new Apple Park.

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