Sennheiser has presented headphones that will compete AirPods

Almost two years have passed since the headphone output AirPods from Apple, and now Sennheiser has also presented its wireless headphones – Momentum True Wireless. Like AirPods, Momentum headphones are completely wireless, come with a charging case and support Siri and Google Assistant.


The earbuds can last four hours on a single charge, and with the case they can stretch for 12 hours. The case is charged using a USB-C cable. An interesting feature of the Momentum True Wireless headphones is 'Transparent Hearing', which allows extraneous sounds to pass through when you are wearing the headphones. This means that when someone speaks to you, the headphones will automatically pass their voice into your ears.

Sennheiser has presented headphones that will compete AirPods

Sennheiser's Momentum True Wireless headphones use 7mm dynamic drivers and they have aptX support. The earbuds will launch in mid-November and will cost around $ 400, making them significantly more expensive AirPods from Apple and other wireless earbuds. However, their sound quality should be better than AirPods, which sound average.

The fact that it took Sennheiser two years to create a competitor AirPods shows how much Apple is ahead of the rest. Wireless headphones AirPods continue to sell well despite their age. Apple should release updated AirPods 2 with moisture protection and other improvements this year.

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