Samsung will start production of OLED – panels for iPhone X and iPhone X Plus in May

Samsung will start producing OLED – panels for iPhone X and iPhone X Plus from next month. Initially, the mass production of displays was supposed to start only in July, so the Korean company is ahead of its schedule.

iPhone - X-Reading-in-Dark-Mode - OLED - Screen-1

Now the production of displays should start in May, and in June gain double the initial power. Due to poor sales iPhone X, Samsung had to stop producing OLED – panels for several months. Earlier it was reported that production will resume only in June, but apparently Samsung has other plans.

Samsung will supply Apple OLED – panels for the 5.8 “iPhone X and 6.5” iPhone X Plus. Another 6.1-inch model with LCD display will be released this year and will be the cheapest in the lineup. It was rumored that displays for the large iPhone X Plus would be supplied by the company LG, but this is unlikely to be the case. LG can only receive part of this year's orders if its production can meet the requests Apple.

By securing a reliable supply of OLED panels and fixing any issues with Face ID parts, Apple can avoid the same issues that the company faced last year. The company had to delay the release of iPhone X, and in the first weeks the number of smartphones was limited due to production problems. However, by the holiday season, everything was working out. No new technologies will be presented this year, so there shouldn't be any problems with production.

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