Samsung will not have time to copy technologies Apple for the release of Galaxy S9

Back on Wednesday, one of the Samsung insiders reported that the Galaxy S9 and S9 + will hardly differ from the previous generation in terms of design. Now, the same source has shared information that not all S8 features will be available in the new flagships. In addition, it will take the company about a year to replicate the recent success of Apple with iPhone X.

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iPhone continues to be an important source of inspiration for Samsung. While some features appear in Galaxy earlier than iPhone, it is usually Apple that makes them truly massive and user-friendly. As a result, Samsung only has to copy these developments.

Samsung will not have time to copy technologies Apple for the release of Galaxy S9

The well-known leak finder Evan Blass (aka @evleaks) also shared information about the upcoming Samsung flagships. In particular, the Galaxy S9 + will be equipped with a dual camera and additional RAM, while the S9 will have one module. This is literally what Apple did with iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 8 Plus. They use the dual camera and extra performance to enable the dedicated Portrait Lighting mode. Samsung did not manage to equip the S8 with a dual camera (although, according to analysts, it tried), so for the first time two modules appeared on the Galaxy Note 8, which was released a year after iPhone 7 Plus. The photo above is just the main camera of the Note 8.

Thus, Samsung, like Apple, is going to limit the functionality of the younger model in the lineup. And if iPhone X offered the fastest processor with which the top Android smartphones and Face ID could not match, then the Galaxy S9 cannot boast of such.

Samsung will not have time to copy technologies Apple for the release of Galaxy S9

The latest leaks show that the processor in the Galaxy S9 / S9 + cannot match the power of the Apple A11 Bionic. As for 3D face scanning, Samsung may have time to present a worthy analogue in 2018. However, it will not be the Galaxy S9, but most likely the Note 9.

Finally, it is reported that Samsung has no plans to ditch the 3.5 jack yet. Some analysts attribute this to the fact that the Korean company has not yet prepared a competitor AirPods. In their opinion, it is almost indecent for manufacturers to “kill” 3.5 jacks and not release compatible wireless headphones.

This does not mean that the Samsung Galaxy S9 will be unworthy of attention and uncompetitive smartphone for not offering significant innovations over the Galaxy S8. However, this demonstrates that Samsung is getting more and more difficult to copy technology Apple. Previously, it took much less time and the features introduced in the new iPhone have already been introduced in the next generation Galaxy S. And yes, Samsung may well refuse to permanently copy Apple. However, most potential buyers want their Galaxy to be able to do the same as the current one iPhone.

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