Rumor has it that Apple will close iTunes music downloads in 2019

Back in 2016, there were rumors that Apple plans to ban music downloads from iTunes 'in the next two years'.


Now Digital Music News reports that Apple actually plans to shut down music downloads from iTunes by 2019. However, the company itself immediately responded to the rumors, saying that “it is not true”, but without further explanation.

DMN insists that although Apple has denied the rumors, the company is still going to do so, and they have several sources that can confirm this.

'We Apple told us they had nothing in their plans. However, one source insists that these are not just plans, but an approved schedule, and may happen even earlier than originally planned. '

The plan Apple is rumored to be in two parts. First you need to close the download of music from iTunes, and then entice all users to Apple Music. The company will automatically migrate iTunes Music accounts to Apple Music. This means that all purchases will also go to Apple Music, which is actually happening now, so it is quite possible.

However, this auto-porting experience was not very successful. Take, for example, the case where a company automatically added the U2 album to user purchases. Considering that a standard subscription to Apple Music costs $ 9.99, the company will make a lot of money by transferring accounts.

9to5Mac once again confirmed that this news is 'not true', so Apple at least does not change its readings.

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