Ruler iPhone 2018 will be 'S' update

Bloomberg today published an article with new official information about the iPhone 2018 lineup, which confirms some of the rumors circulating previously.

2018 iPhone LineupRender

The article says the new ones iPhone will be the 's' update. This means that the main changes to the 5.8 “iPhone X and 6.5” iPhone X Plus will be speed and camera.

According to sources, Apple will save big changes for the 2019 lineup. The 's' update will disappoint many users who were expecting something new from Apple.

However, none of the three models will have a completely new design like iPhone X last year or iPhone 6 in 2014. This means that smartphones will remain old design, but content will be updated. We will get more new things only next year.

iPhone The X Plus will be the flagship of the 2018 lineup. The base model is priced at $ 999. The smartphone will have a massive 6.5-inch OLED display in a body like the iPhone 7/8 Plus. It will differ from the other two models with support for split-screen technology.

As for the 5.8-inch iPhone X, it will have more powerful padding and an improved camera. In some countries, these two models will support two SIM cards.

The lineup will also include a budget 6.1-inch LCD iPhone. All three models will have the same design as the current iPhone X, but several trade-offs will be applied to LCD iPhone to get a lower price point. Among them are aluminum frames and LCD – display. All three models will have Face ID technology and should come in new colors.

The article also talks about how Apple can name the models of the new line. The option 'iPhone Xs' with a complete rejection of 'Plus' is under consideration.

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