Reviews about iPad Pro 2018: very fast, but won't replace a PC

The new 11- and 12.9-inch iPad Pro 2018 will not go on sale until tomorrow, and we already know the first tablet reviews. All the opinions of the critics confirm what we already knew. iPad Pro is a speed monster and the best among tablets.


In all of the reviews below, critics agree that Apple did a great job with the new ones iPad. Although the previous model was the only one in its league, now the difference between Apple and competing companies has become even wider. The new tablet is very thin, it has a full front screen, Face ID technology and an improved A12X Bionic processor. Thanks to all this, the tablet has pulled out far ahead, overtaking all the others.


As for the weaknesses of the new iPad Pro, there are very few of them. One of the most common complaints is its high cost and limited features iOS, which prevent the tablet from becoming a worthy PC replacement.

Below we have collected for you the most interesting excerpts from the reviews of various publications about the new iPad Pro.


iPad Pro 2018 has a gorgeous bezel-less design, Face ID, and frighteningly fast performance. The new stylus is much better in terms of design and charging. The Keyboard Folio Case and Pencil are essential accessories that will have to fork out. Old accessories are incompatible with new ones iPad, this even applies to the stylus. The headphone jack is gone, and one USB-C jack is not enough.

The new iPad Pro is the pinnacle of tablet design, but its high cost and limited system make you really wonder whether these trade-offs are worth making.


After working with the new 12.9-inch iPad Pro for a couple of days, I can say that this is a positive step forward for the iPad line. […] By all possible characteristics, this is the best and most powerful iPad. Other tablets cannot compare with it at all.


The question arises: can an 11-inch (65,990 rubles) or 13-inch (81,990 rubles) iPad Pro replace MacBook or a PC with Windows? This is possible, but under certain conditions. In addition, you have to be patient and devote yourself to the idea.


It doesn't seem like the world is ready for iPad as a PC, even if iPad is much more powerful and more convenient. If Apple and treats iPad as a replacement for the PC, she needs to do some good work on the system iOS.


In my opinion, if iPad you need not for work, it is better to buy a regular one iPad. iPad Pro is a great tablet, but its full potential can only be unleashed with a stylus and keyboard. This is the only way you will be able to work seriously with text or illustrations.


I still find that Apple pays little attention to system support iPad Pro. The dual-screen experience and other multitasking features are great improvements, but the company can do much more.


Apple you need to free yourself from restrictions iOS. Functions don't have to be exactly the same, as users are not easily tricked. We've already been teased, and now we need something worthwhile.


If you don't mind the money and want the best tablet for yourself, go for the 12.9-inch iPad Pro. The large display makes your tablet even more enjoyable. We definitely recommend you try it yourself.

The verge

If you are ready to spend 65,990 rubles. for the cheapest 11-inch iPad Pro with 64GB of memory, replacing your old laptop with it, you should think carefully. There is not a single tablet on the market that can compete with the new one iPad Pro. Moreover, not all laptops are capable of this. However, restrictions iOS prevent the tablet from becoming a worthy replacement for a computer.

Is the new iPad Pro an amazing achievement in science? Certainly. Has Apple surpassed itself yet again, breaking even further from other companies in terms of performance, battery consumption and design? Sure. Can the new one iPad Pro be called the best in the lineup iPad. Definitely.

But you know what? It's still iPad.


It cannot be denied that the new iPad Pro with beautiful designs and thin bezels are beautiful gadgets. Face ID works great and tablet performance just got better. In certain applications, their capabilities are truly impressive.


Apple does not try to make iPad Pro a replacement for laptops, because this is not possible. The company is trying to do much more: invent a new way to create for future generations, not tied to old large computers and mouse control.


New tablets are limited in the same way as old ones iPad. The capabilities of iOS on iPad are still very meager and cannot be compared to macOS. However, this does not mean that the advantages iPad Pro do not compensate for its disadvantages.


All the horsepower (of which there is a lot), which fits into the small tablet case, has become more affordable thanks to the new design. I don't think I can go back to the old iPad. Even with a keyboard case, the tablet feels more compact than the 13-inch MacBook Pro I have at home. […] iPad Pro The next generation is the best tablet I've tested and will definitely become the main workspace for some users.

The Washington Post

Apple was not mistaken in naming iPad the future. Almost every two-year-old nowadays already knows how to use a tablet. The company is left to retrain the older generation, which is used to using a mouse and trackpad.


The best examples of finger control are professional artist apps. Many applications for iPad are still designed for light tasks. A million little things are missing. For example, one of the best GIF apps I've used for this article does not include control over the size of the result. The program for MacOS has such a function.


When Apple popularized the computer mouse in the 80s, people complained that they had to move their wrist too much. When iPhone first came out, people complained about the lack of a physical keyboard. I'm sure it's the same with iPad Pro now, but he still has room to grow. For now, I'll get back to my mouse.


Apple paid a lot of attention to color management and calibration, so the color reproduction on iPad Pro is as accurate as possible. The colors are so beautiful that LCD – the display is indistinguishable from OLED – the panel. Even black looks impressive.


The new tablets come with an 18W USB-C power adapter that supports fast charging, which will definitely come in handy. The USB-C connector allows you to charge your tablet with a charger from MacBook. Moreover, the tablet can even be used for charging iPhone.

Will iPad be a worthy PC replacement?

We have already passed the line where technology itself was a deterrent. The new A12X Bionic processor in iPad Pro 2018 is fast enough to power laptops. Many professional programs like Adobe Photoshop and Autodesk Autocad optimize for iPad.

However, there is no keyboard included with iPad Pro and the system iOS does not support the mouse we are all so used to. In iOS all control is done with your fingers, but macOS is optimized for keyboard and mouse. Not surprisingly, software versions for iPad are often worse than the original ones.

Perhaps in the future Apple will represent a cross between iOS and macOS, uniting platforms. In 2019, developers will have access to new APIs to help with this.

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