Review Apple Pencil – is it worth the money?

A new Apple second generation Pencil is out, but is it worth the money? Improved stylus Apple for 10,790 rubles, not everyone can afford. But it fits so well with the new iPad Pro … Let's figure out if Apple Pencil is worth the money.

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Review Apple Pencil 2

The new stylus lacks three major drawbacks.

First, it magnetically attaches to iPad Pro so you won't lose it in your backpack. Secondly, wired charging has been replaced by non-wireless, which activates as soon as you attach the stylus to the tablet.

In other words, the stylus always stays charged and ready to go.

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Since it charges wirelessly, there is no need for a Lightning connector and cap, which is usually the first thing lost. Plus, it now automatically connects to the tablet. You can even tap the stylus to wake up the tablet screen.

The sensory part allows you to perform several actions. By default, double-tapping switches the last Markup tool to the eraser and vice versa. However, you can change the action in Settings.

The new stylus is only supported by the 11 and 12.9-inch iPad Pro 2018, not older models.

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The original Apple Pencil is also incompatible with the 2018 models. The only drawback of the new Apple Pencil is that it not only costs more, but also comes without a replacement nib in the kit – now Apple sells them separately in 4 pieces.

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Have you decided to buy Apple Pencil of the second generation? You can order it laser engraved at no additional cost, but this can only be done in the online store.

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