Results of new tests iPhone 6s with different processors

Samsung's A9 chip was first discovered to be smaller than TSMC's A9. Shortly thereafter, tests showed that iPhone 6s and 6s Plus with TSMC chip perform better than their counterparts with Samsung processor.

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These tests were performed using benchmark software and, among other things, showed that in some cases the runtime iPhone 6s with a TSMC chip was up to two hours longer than that of models with a Samsung chip. Testing in “real world”, however, did not reveal too much difference in performance iPhone with different processors, as the benchmark tests predicted.

She said her word Apple, announcing that the internal testing undertaken by the company found only 2-3% difference between different options iPhone.

Now Ars Technica has decided to conduct its own “controlled testing” and independently test how strong the “chipgate” really is.

The results of this testing correspond very closely to the official statements Apple. Several tests were used like WebGL and Geekbench 3, Wi-Fi quality was checked, etc. It was found that the difference between the processors is really small, but there are tangible differences in battery performance, as shown by Geekbench 3. Similar results were obtained earlier. , so there is nothing surprising here.

In general, the picture is the same as it was before and which was mentioned Apple: numerous tests show that there is a difference in battery life, but in reality there are differences between models iPhone with chips from different manufacturers are not so great.

“There are circumstances in which a phone with a TSMC chip will last longer than a phone with a Samsung processor, but they are not universal. If the processor and graphics chip iPhone are not loaded or not very heavily loaded most of the time, then smartphones with different processors behave exactly the same. Situations in which there is a very intensive load on the CPU are rare. Runtime iPhone 6s will be the same in most cases no matter what processor you have. ”

It is likely that even more testing will be undertaken in order to clarify the results for different situations, but at the moment we can say with confidence the following: There is a difference in operating time iPhone 6s with TSMC and Samsung chips, but with real use it is minimal.

[Ars Technica]

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