Results 2017: Ups and downs Apple

2017 became a special year in history Apple. We finally got iPhone with a new futuristic design. AirPods have become commonplace. iPad became a 'real' computer with the release of iOS 11. Of course, not all events were positive for Apple. In this article, we have collected all the best and worst moments for the Cupertinians in 2017.



Touch Bar is a failure

Results 2017: Ups and downs Apple

When Apple introduced a new MacBook with a Touch Bar in 2016, it was too early to judge it. After all, all new technologies take time to adapt. Now the Touch Bar is 'one year old', Apple has managed to release a new generation MacBook Pro and macOS High Sierra.

And now, after all this effort from the outside Apple, it's safe to say that the Touch Bar is a failure. It is completely useless and most users could hardly find any use for it. There were hopes that with the release of High Sierra the Touch Bar software would be improved, but this did not happen. If Touch ID on MacBook Pro is a great idea, then the Touch Bar is far from the best innovation.

Exit Delay HomePod

Results 2017: Ups and downs Apple

The smart column HomePod unveiled at WWDC was a rather strange announcement. Apple was definitely inspired by Amazon Echo and Google Home, but the company didn't manage to keep up with the trends. Initially HomePod was supposed to arrive in December this year, but eventually the release was postponed to 'early 2018'. This means a month to three additional waiting times. According to insiders, there are no problems with production, but the software needs some work before release.

Bug week

The second half of 2017 was marked for Apple with a huge number of bugs in iOS and macOS. First, there was a problem with the calculator iOS. Immediately after that, two more appeared: a bug with a date in iOS and a bug with root privileges in macOS. Not to mention the fact that Apple, having corrected the latter, accidentally added another one – however, to fix it, it was enough to drive one line into the terminal, so that an additional update was not required. Overall, this 'bug week' has had a negative impact on the reputation Apple, which positions its software as thoughtful, safe and free of vulnerabilities.

Slowdown scandal iPhone

Recent history has affected the reputation Apple worse than all the previous bugs combined. A year ago Apple changed the way smartphones work when they are under heavy load or the battery is worn out enough. Previously, when there were problems with iPhone, the smartphone just turned off by itself. With the latest update iOS Apple started to slow down the processor to make sure that the battery simply won't fail from overload at some point. Although the problem was technically solved, the method turned out to be quite controversial.

The worst thing about it is not even that last year's iPhone was included in the list of 'obsolete' devices 7. When the processor slows down, its power drops by 20-40%. This is significant – especially on models iPhone 5s and iPhone 6. Of course, users did not remain silent and Apple received a number of legal charges. Recently it became known that the company must pay $ 999 billion to deceive the trust of its users.


Magic AirPods

Results 2017: Ups and downs Apple

They went on sale AirPods at the end of last year, but, as in the case of the Touch Bar, it was possible to test the technology normally only this year. In addition, the shortage affected: many users were able to get their pair of wireless headphones only in early 2017. And the wait was definitely worth it. They are recognized as one of the best (according to some versions – and even the best) product Apple 2017. And yes, we are talking about the year when iPhone X was released. AirPods have become what we love so much for Apple: a device with perfectly matched hardware and software that feels like magic.

Outside (except for the lack of wires, of course), it seems that they are no different from the EarPods. And in terms of sound quality, this is true. However, the magic AirPods is not at all in the characteristics. They connect to iPhone the moment you insert them into your ears: no need to press or adjust in the menu. Playback is paused when you remove one of the headphones. Even Siri works amazingly thanks to the quality microphone.

If you are a fan of Apple and love yours iPhone, then you should definitely buy AirPods. You will be pleasantly surprised.

Apple Watch Series 3: now with LTE

Results 2017: Ups and downs Apple

Apple managed to fit a lot in this update Apple Watch. The processor has become significantly faster, and support for LTE via eSIM made Apple Watch 3 not only amazingly fast, but also completely independent of the smartphone. One of the drawbacks of the previous generation of watches was that the applications did not take too long to launch – but the switching between the screensaver and the program itself was palpable. In the third generation, everything works instantly.

Budget iPad

Results 2017: Ups and downs Apple

At the beginning of the year Apple really surprised us all with an issue iPad worth $ 329. It's a cheaper alternative to the iPad Air 2, but with a faster A9 processor, 2GB of RAM, and 32GB of storage. The display is certainly not Retina, but for the money, the specs are great – unless you plan on using a tablet for work, of course.

iPad Pro + iOS 11 = powerful computer

Results 2017: Ups and downs Apple

Last year's 9.7-inch iPad Pro was awesome – but not until Apple introduced the new 10.5 ”iPad Pro this year. It is not much larger than the previous generation, but at the same time, multitasking in it was taken to a completely new level. In addition, the proprietary keyboard is finally comfortable enough to use for hours. And iOS 11 took the use of iPad to the next level.

One of the best innovations in iOS 11 is the “dock”. Thanks to it, switching between applications is now simple and convenient. The new split-screen mode is just as convenient. iOS 11 brought iPad Pro closer to the title of a real computer – and this is given that it is indeed more powerful than some PCs.

Futuristic iPhone X

Results 2017: Ups and downs Apple

This year Apple gave us iPhone the future. And for the corresponding cost, of course (jumping in time nowadays is not cheap).

Yes, iPhone X is not perfect. Face ID may not work properly sometimes. During long-term use, you can find other minor bugs (especially if you use your camera a lot). But overall, this is an amazing iPhone.

You get used to the new gestures quickly enough, and the extra thickness, which was initially complained about, gives the smartphone a solid weight in the hand. The cameras are amazing. Yes, he's expensive. No, it is definitely not for everyone. But this is a sign that the world of technology is changing and the future will be amazing.

The birth of the iMac Pro

Results 2017: Ups and downs Apple

Right before WWDC Apple held a roundtable discussion on the Mac Pro, where, in fact, she apologized for not updating the Mac Pro in three years. This proved that, as the experts reported, computers have not been a priority Apple lately.

But Apple promised that the situation would change in the near future. After 2017, the company will release a true modular Mac Pro, a pro-grade proprietary display, and an iMac Pro.

The company has already fulfilled one of these promises. She released the iMac Pro, and it's the most powerful Mac ever. They managed to fit an 18-core Xeon processor, 128GB of RAM and VEGA graphics into the body of a regular iMac.

Steve Jobs Theater

Results 2017: Ups and downs Apple

This year, two “altars” were opened at once Apple: Apple Park with the Steve Jobs Theater in it. And the last one is already an architectural miracle in itself. It is made in the form of a huge glass column – even the elevators are glass and rotate as they move. Inside there is a huge area where you can test the company's new products.

Your year since Apple

If you are a fan Apple, how was this year for you? What new products from the company did you buy in 2017 and what would you like to recommend to other users? How do you use technology Apple for work or in everyday life? Share photos of your workspace in the comments

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