Putting together the perfect Samsung Galaxy S9

There are only a couple of weeks left until MWC 2018, and one of the hottest and most talked about new products at the show, of course, will be the Galaxy S9 and S9 +. In this article, we present 5 features that will make Samsung flagships the best.

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New camera

Putting together the perfect Samsung Galaxy S9

While the Galaxy S8's camera is excellent, it has been overshadowed by the iPhone X, Google Pixel 2, HTC U11 and even the Galaxy Note 8. Previously, there were rumors that Samsung was planning use the Note 8's camera in the S9, but this is unlikely to be the case. Inscription on invitations to the presentation of Unpacked “The Camera. Reimaged ”indicates that this is a brand new camera.

It is expected that at least one version of the Galaxy S9 will receive a dual camera. This will be a big advantage when shooting in low light conditions (thanks to the Isocell sensor). Another awesome feature is Super Slow-Mo. In this mode, the smartphone will be able to shoot video at Full HD at 460 frames per second. This will give the Galaxy S9 a chance to rival the cameras of other 2018 flagships.

Face scan

The launch of Face ID really excited smartphone makers. Yes, the very idea of ​​scanning a face to identify a user is not new. Analogues have been used in some Android smartphones for several years, but no manufacturer has managed to make the system as reliable and convenient as Apple. However, now it looks like Samsung is ready to give its answer to the flagship-level Face ID.

Insiders point out the presence of a feature in the Galaxy S9 called Intel ligent Scan – an authentication system that combines scanning the iris of the eye and the entire face. While this is definitely a significant improvement over the 2D Face Unlock scan that Samsung has used on the Galaxy S8 and Note 8, it is not known if Intel ligent Scan will provide adequate security.

We hope that this system will be sufficiently secure and it will be possible to use it in third-party applications – for example, to use mobile banking.

Definitely the cool news here is that rumor has it that Samsung will not only add Intel ligent Scan, but also keep the fingerprint scanner. This gives users a choice of authentication systems that users do not have iPhone X.

Stereo speakers

Putting together the perfect Samsung Galaxy S9

Considering that Samsung bought Harman in early 2017, it would be a huge oversight not to use this to improve sound in flagship smartphones. The Galaxy S8 uses only one speaker at the bottom of the device, which is often blocked by your hand when you hold the smartphone. A photo of the Galaxy S9 box indicates that the smartphone will have Harman AKG stereo speakers – finally, in addition to a decent screen, decent sound can come. However, from the looks of it, the speakers will sit on the back of the device, which is a bit disappointing.

We also hope that Samsung will keep the 3.5 jack this year: wireless headphones are still far from perfect, so I would like to have alternatives.

Powerful battery

Putting together the perfect Samsung Galaxy S9

After the Note 8 battery scandal, Samsung has done a great job. The result is the Galaxy S8 and Note 8 with large and, above all, safe batteries that give you a full day of use on a single charge. However, after the release Huawei of the Mate 10 Pro and Razer Phone, I would like to see a 4,000mAh battery in the Galaxy S9 to be sure that there is no need to urgently look for an outlet.

More memory

Putting together the perfect Samsung Galaxy S9

While most 2017 flagships offered 128GB or even 256GB storage options, Galaxy S8 buyers were limited to a single 64GB storage version. Yes, the situation is somewhat mitigated by the presence of a slot for micro SD, but still, limiting the storage volume to 64 gigabytes in 2018 is completely frivolous. We are counting on at least a version with 128GB of storage, but dreaming of a Galaxy S9 Plus with 512GB of storage.

Recall that the presentation of the Samsung Galaxy S9 / S9 + will take place at the Samsung Unpacked event, which will be held on February 25 as part of the MWC 2018 in Barcelona.

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