PowerPod Adds Wireless Charging to Case from AirPods

It turns out you no longer have to wait for the AirPods wireless charging case to come out. With the simple PowerPod accessory, you can already charge your headphones wirelessly for even less cost.

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Everything is very simple. The PowerPod is a silicone pad that fits over the case from AirPods. There is a copper coil on the back of the pad that transfers power from the wireless charging stand to the case from AirPods via the Lightning connector.

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We can vouch for the practicality of this accessory. Yes, the cover makes the cover a little heavier, but you quickly forget about it or just get used to it. It is very comfortable. Simply putting the headphones on the stand is much easier than connecting the case to a wire.

Sure, plugging the Lightning cable into the case AirPods isn't very difficult anyway, but getting rid of it is still very nice. If you have never used wireless charging, then you will hardly understand what this is about.

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We don't know how fast the PowerPod charges the earbuds, but wired charging is likely faster. Nevertheless, the main thing here is convenience!

The only drawback of the PowerPod is the material the accessory is made of. Silicone has many benefits like drop protection, but feels cheap to the touch. In addition, fingerprints and dust will easily remain on it. Plus, the upper part of the pad periodically flies off the case. However, these are minor drawbacks.

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The PowerPod can be purchased at Amazon for $ 25 and is a great accessory for AirPods and wireless hobbyists. It is also a great workaround until Apple releases its updated case.

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