Only 10% of iPhone is sold through Apple Store

According to a recent study from American shoppers, people rarely buy iPhone and iPad from Apple Store. Branded stores are perceived more as showrooms, while other places are chosen to buy devices.


Only 10% of iPhone is sold through Apple Store

The survey involved 2,000 people who have recently made a purchase of equipment Apple. After processing the results, it turned out that only 10% iPhone were purchased directly from the Apple Store, and most often Americans turn to operators for smartphones. Best Buy stood out from other stores – 5% iPhone and about 30% of Mac computers were purchased there. It turned out to be the most popular option among buyers iPad.

Note that buying smartphones directly from operators is so popular due to the fact that the cost of a smartphone is divided into 24 monthly payments. In parallel, communication services are also paid, which is extremely convenient not only for those who cannot afford a smartphone without a loan, but also to save time on paying bills.

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