New store design Apple will reduce the load on 'Geniuses' (employees)

Stores Apple have become victims of their own success. There is no point in denying that the company's stores have become a tourist attraction, and the popularity iPhone makes the workload unbearable for employees.

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Stores Apple cannot cope with the flow of owners iPhone who turn to specialists for any small reason.

“Customer service is going to explode soon,” says one employee Apple, who has worked for the company for several years and wished to remain anonymous because employees are not allowed to speak to the press. “This is a problem, and employees are experiencing it.”

To solve this problem Apple plans to make its stores around the world bigger and more comfortable. Despite their size, shop windows take up much less space than the space for visitors who are waiting to meet with a specialist about their broken iPhone.

New store design Apple will reduce the load on 'Geniuses' (employees)

The interviewer also revealed that Apple follows the work of their 'geniuses' through the 'Net Promoter for People' program. They are obliged to serve clients as quickly as possible, solving any of their problems.

To reduce workload and provide better service, Apple created a 'Genius Grove' department. These specialists will quickly serve customers in a separate part of the store.

In addition, the company introduced a new position – Technical Expert. They will repair visitors' devices without recording. They will not be able to repair the Mac, but they will quickly serve those who have entered the store without making an appointment in advance.

Despite the heavy workload of its 'geniuses', Apple worsened their working conditions. Previously, new 'geniuses' were trained in Cupertino, but now this is not the case. However, the company's employees and analysts hope that the new store design will benefit not only visitors, but also employees.

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