New case for AirPods can support any Qi wireless chargers

For the first time, the new case for wireless charging of wireless headphones AirPods became known back in September last year.

iphonex-charging-dock-pods-1024 × 931

Since then, no significant news has appeared on this matter. A couple of months ago there were rumors that the case could even charge iPhone, and images of it were found in the beta iOS 12. We continue to wait for Apple to finally release the accessory.

Now there are rumors that the new case won't have to buy the AirPower charging stand from Apple. According to anonymous supply chain sources Apple, the new case for AirPods will support all Qi wireless chargers, not just AirPower.

This will be a new strategy for Apple. Technically Apple Watch also support Qi wireless chargers, but Apple changed the watch standard so that it only works with the company's official cradle. Perhaps the same will happen with the case for AirPods.

The AirPower charging cradle is still out. Recently, there have been rumors that its release is scheduled for this fall, and it will cost about $ 150. If this is true, then Apple will present the stand along with a new line iPhone in September.

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