Leaked photos of A11 processor for iPhone 8

Photos of the new processor Apple A11, which will run iPhone 8. There is no evidence of their authenticity, so for now they should be treated with doubt. The photos are blurry, but the first clearly shows the A11 marker and the logo Apple.


It is not known where these photos came from, but it can be assumed that the source is an assembly company such as Foxconn. TSMC is the exclusive manufacturer of A series processors for iPhone this year. The company uses 10nm FinFETs in production. The processor should be more powerful and more efficient compared to the A10 on iPhone 7 and the 7 Plus.

There was information that Samsung may take part of the orders for itself next year, but there is no confirmation of this yet. Samsung's involvement is controversial, so nothing can be said for sure.

iPhone 7 / 7s Plus will also work on the A11 processor, so it will not be exclusive to iPhone 8. In addition to the new processor, iPhone 8 will have a glass case, supporting wireless charging, and the new Face ID facial recognition technology. The technology should completely replace Touch ID in the future.

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