Just one photo can prove superiority iPhone X

The release of iPhone X is only two weeks away, so the disagreement about this device has reached a critical point. Many users are intimidated by the price of the device and we cannot blame them. However, for those willing to pay $ 999 for a smartphone, iPhone X sounds like the best choice possible. And to prove its superiority, you can write huge articles, or you can get by with one photo.


Yes, iPhone X is the most powerful smartphone in the world. However iPhone 8 and 8 Plus with the same A11 Bionic processor are just as powerful. iPhone X has (supposedly) the best camera … but iPhone 8 Plus has the same. Given that the specs of the eighth generation and the anniversary model are identical except for the presence of Face ID in iPhone X, what makes X stand out and makes it so desirable? The answer is simple: design.

Apple for the first time since 2014 (!) Has changed the design of its smartphone (if you don't take into account minor differences). Of course, the transition to OLED – panel and combination of steel and glass also played a significant role. We promised you a photo that will clearly show the benefits of iPhone X, and here it is:

Just one photo can prove superiority iPhone X

One simple photograph of not the best quality can say more than a thousand words. Compared to iPhone X, both of them look insanely boring. This design was amazing in 2014. It got a little fed up in 2015. Looking at it in 2016 was already just sad. Now, in 2017, it looks out of place. Think about it: the same design for four years in a row. Brr. iPhone X looks like a breath of fresh air compared to this repetition.

That is why it is worth mentally preparing for the chaos on October 27, when pre-orders open, and the real madness when the new item goes on sale on November 3.

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