Jimmy Iovine has denied rumors of his departure from Apple

News broke last week that Jimmy Iovine, the creator of Apple Music, is planning to leave Apple this August. However, Jimmy himself denied these rumors and made it clear that he was not going anywhere.


The head of Apple Music says that he has been with Apple for four years, two and a half of which he devoted to working on Apple Music. Now the service has over 30 million subscribers. However, there is still a lot to be done, and he is ready to do whatever is entrusted to him by Tim Cook or Eddie Cue.

'I am almost 65, I have been working for Apple for 4 years, in 2.5 of which the service Apple Music was able to collect over 30 million subscribers. The Beats brand also continued to flourish. But I still have a lot to do. I am ready to do whatever Eddie and Tim instruct me to do, help as much as I can and keep working. I stay in business. '

Jimmy made it clear that he is not going to go anywhere in August.

He expressed his dissatisfaction with the 'fake news' and confirmed that he remains loyal to the company. Jimmy wants to keep working on Apple Music and improve the music industry. However, he realizes that due to his age (65), someday he will still have to quit his job. But this will not happen so soon.

Interestingly, Iovine does not have a specific position in the company, but he has played a key role in the operation of the service Apple Music since 2015. His contract with Apple expires in August, but he says something else needs to happen under the contract. Given his key role in the growth of Apple Music, Apple is unlikely to want to let him go. The company invests heavily in exclusive content Apple Music and needs Jimmy more than ever to grow its audience.

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