IPhone X will not show a preview of notifications on a locked device

iPhone X will finally go on sale this week, so there is more news than ever before. So, it became known that for the novelty, the mechanics of displaying notifications were redesigned. By default, iPhone X previews will hide on the lock screen. For example, instead of the username and the beginning of the message, only 'New message on VK' will be displayed.


After you scan your face with Face ID, the preview will be displayed in the notification panel. So it can also be considered an indicator of whether the smartphone is unlocked or not.

If desired, this option can be disabled in the settings. This was done, first of all, for the sake of preserving the privacy of user information. And although the presence of such a function in iPhone X was discussed for a long time, it became known for the first time that it is enabled by default on new devices.

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