IPhone X turned out to be the most fragile iPhone

iPhone X definitely looks amazing. However, apparently, the creators of the novelty had to sacrifice durability for the sake of design. According to our drop test, iPhone X was the most fragile iPhone in existence.


The guys from SquareTrade used special robots that simulated various stressful situations: as a result, it was dropped, squeezed, rolled and immersed in water to check how the device would withstand such tests – after all, any of them, in fact, can happen (and often does) with smartphones in everyday use.

When the smartphone was dropped with the display down, the screen cracked after the first attempt. At the same time, the touchscreen and Face ID are completely out of order. The fall on its side caused extensive damage to internal components. Finally, after falling on its back, the back glass of the smartphone shattered (recall that the cost of repair in this case is $ 549). Note that in the latter case, sharp glass fragments protruded from the panel, which made holding the smartphone not only inconvenient, but also dangerous.

After submerging 150 cm in water for half an hour, iPhone X found sound problems: playback became quieter. The new product also did not pass the rolling test. This test simulates the stress that a smartphone can experience when, for example, hitting a dryer. After that, the smartphone ceased to perceive the 'home' swipe, which would essentially make the user stuck in the application that was open at that moment.

IPhone X turned out to be the most fragile iPhone

SquareTrade's conclusion was disappointing. Despite being the most expensive smartphone Apple, it is also the most fragile of them all. This is mainly due to the thinner OLED – display and glass glued to the rear metal panel.

Note that although the release of the device was only three days ago, some users have already managed to break their iPhone X. If you managed to get a new product, we advise you to invest in a reliable case and protective glass for the display – it will be much cheaper than repair a broken device.

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