IPhone X 2018 could be around $ 899

RBC Captial Markets analyst Amit Darianani believes the 2018 iPhone X and iPhone X Plus will be priced at $ 899 and $ 999.

iPhone - X-Lock-screen-No-Notifications-Locked

He says that the $ 999 iPhone X was a small success, so Apple decided to cut the price of the new model by $ 100. It will also allow the company to set a $ 999 price tag for the 6.5-inch model iPhone X Plus to give buyers a choice.

Many people think the 5.8-inch display iPhone X is small. So the Apple will release the big 6.5-inch iPhone X Plus this year. In addition, there will be a cheap 6.1-inch model with LCD – display. All three models will support Face ID, and all will have a bezel-less display with a notch.

As many as three new models will be released this year, so Apple will certainly reduce the cost of the existing iPhone X. Earlier, there was also news that the production of the new iPhone X is 10% less than last year, which also affects the cost of a smartphone. The iPhone $ 899 X will still be an expensive smartphone, but paying $ 999 for the big 6.5-inch iPhone X Plus seems like a better deal for now.

After the release of three new iPhone 2018 Apple will certainly significantly reduce prices for iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, and possibly stop production iPhone 7.

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