IPhone X 2018 and iPhone X Plus will support Apple Pencil and contain up to 512GB of storage

A new TrendForce article points out that iPhone 2018 will still not match all the rumors that have surfaced on the web lately.

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The article says that Apple will release three new iPhone in 2018, two of which will be premium models with OLED displays, and the third will be a budget model with LCD – display.

Suppliers Apple have already started mass production of premium models in July, and production of the budget model should start in mid-September. The iPhone X 2018 and iPhone X Plus will go on sale in September, while the third model will only go on sale in October.

After modest sales iPhone X 2017 for $ 999 and due to competition from Chinese smartphone companies, Apple will change its pricing strategy for the iPhone 2018 line. managed to agree with suppliers on lower prices for device components, in connection with which production will become cheaper, but this will not affect the smartphones themselves. Thanks to this and other measures Apple it will be possible to set the price for the 6.1-inch LCD iPhone at only $ 699-749.

IPhone X 2018 and iPhone X Plus will support Apple Pencil and contain up to 512GB of storage

The article also states that LCD iPhone will support Face ID, contain 3GB of RAM, and support two SIM cards. Apple will set a low price for this model so that it can compete with popular flagships Android. This model should become the best selling model, so Apple has dedicated as much as 50% of its manufacturing resources to it.

iPhone X 2018 and iPhone X Plus will be the 'premium' models in the lineup. They will each have 4GB of RAM and Face ID. The new iPhone X will have the same characteristics as the original, so the popularity of the latter will decline. iPhone X 2018 will cost around $ 999.

As for the 6.5-inch iPhone X Plus, this model is aimed at businessmen. It will also support two SIM cards, but only in some countries. The starting price of the smartphone is about $ 999.

According to TrendForce, Apple will release iPhone X 2018 and iPhone X Plus with three memory options: 64GB, 256GB, and 512GB. They will also support Apple Pencil. The cheap LCD iPhone will only be available with 64GB and 256GB of storage.

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