IPhone 8 won't have a curved display, and Face ID can scan your face in a 'millionth of a second'

At the moment, there is accurate confirmation that iPhone 8 will have Face ID – a face recognition system for unlocking the device and making payments Apple Pay. Many phones with Android already have face recognition, but the technology still hasn't overtaken fingerprint scanning.

iPhone - 8-Copper-render

The Korea Herald reports that face recognition at iPhone 8 will be able to happen in 'a millionth of a second' thanks to the 3D sensors that Apple uses. They are able to analyze the user's face for image depth.

Apple will actively use 3D sensors for new augmented reality capabilities, which will be presented with the release of the phone.

The report also says that iPhone 8 is unlikely to have a curved OLED display similar to that of the Samsung Galaxy S8. Apparently Apple abandoned the OLED display due to ergonomic problems: many S8 owners often complain that they constantly touch the edges of the screen accidentally.

'Apple is unlikely to follow its competitor's lead. Instead of a curved display, the phone will have a flat screen without bezels, 'says the source.

Finally, the report says that both Apple and Samsung have tried to embed a fingerprint scanner directly into the display of the iPhone 8 and Galaxy Note 8, but both companies failed to do so.

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