IPhone 8 with third party displays stop working after installation iOS 11.3

Many iPhone 8 owners report that their device displays stopped working after installing the update iOS 11.3. In all cases, not long before this, the displays were changed by third-party specialists. Previously Apple turned off Touch ID on iPhone 7 with third party displays and it looks like something similar is happening now.


According to the owner of one of the third-party shops, each screen iPhone contains a small microchip that distinguishes it from the third-party ones. Fortunately, a Vice report says third-party screen makers have been able to fix the problem. However, for this you still have to disassemble smartphones and change the display again.

It is possible that due to user criticism, as in the case of iPhone 7 and Touch ID, Apple will release another system update that will fix the problem iPhone 8 After all, smartphones worked fine with third-party displays until iOS 11.3.

Most users prefer third-party stores rather than official stores Apple, as their prices are lower and it is much easier to find them near their home. However Apple deliberately makes repairing their devices as difficult as possible for outside specialists. For example, if you replace the display iPhone X, the light sensor will malfunction. It's the same with the TrueDepth system. If a third-party technician replaces the front camera, Face ID will stop working. This model is generally very difficult to repair, so many shops do not even undertake to repair it.

The fight Apple with outside specialists is unlikely to stop. Since the company controls every aspect of its smartphones, it can terminate those with non-native parts at any time through system updates. Do not forget about this when you decide to contact an unofficial store.

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