IPhone 8 Plus compared to Galaxy Note 8 in speed test

The new processor Apple A11 Bionic bypassed all top Android smartphones when testing both single-core and multi-core modes. At the same time, the A11 works with only 3 GB of RAM. But benchmarks are benchmarks, but is this difference noticeable in everyday use of smartphones?

Galaxy-Note-8-vs - iPhone - 7-Plus-hands-on-00

There are several ways to compare the actual performance of devices, but multitasking performance is considered the most telling. For comparison, we took iPhone 8 Plus (iPhone X should be about the same in speed due to the same processor and RAM) and Samsung Galaxy Note 8, which turned out to be the second after the iPhone in the multi-core test.

What happens if you put devices next to each other and simultaneously perform the same tasks on them? Let's not spoil the video – it's just worth watching. Let's just remind that iPhone 8 Plus (as well as the usual iPhone 8 and iPhone X) has 3 GB of RAM. Galaxy Note 8 has twice that number (6 GB) and, it would seem, should give Android – the device a big advantage.

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