IOS 12 hints at iPad Pro with Face ID

New Beta iOS 12 indicates existence iPad with Face ID support. In particular, the AvatarKit framework, which is used in iPhone X to create Animoji, after installing iOS 12 becomes available for iPad.


New in iOS 12: AvatarKit comes to iPad. Still requires a TrueDepth camera to do face tracking, though, i.e. an iPad with Face ID

– Steve Troughton-Smith (@stroughtonsmith) July 3, 2018

This could confirm rumors that Apple is working on iPad Pro with Face ID technology. So, earlier there were rumors that Apple is working on iPad Pro with Face ID, TrueDepth camera and bezel-less display. However, the long absence of leaks about this tablet raised doubts about its existence – and now it appeared again.

Considering that iOS 12 Apple has improved the gesture navigation system for iPad, the decision to abandon Touch ID seems quite logical and timely. And if in iPhone X Face ID identification works only in portrait mode, then Apple had more than a year to finalize the system to work in landscape orientation too.

It is possible that Apple will introduce a new iPad Pro with Face ID in September – along with new ones iPhone.

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