IOS 11.3 will allow you to verify Family Sharing purchases with Face ID on iPhone X

During the holiday season, many iPhone X owners realized that they couldn't verify Family Sharing purchases using Face ID. Instead, they have to enter their password for each purchase, which is very time consuming and inconvenient.

iPhone - X-Face-ID-App-Install

Most frustrating for iPhone X users was the fact that owners of other models can quickly and easily pay for such purchases using Touch ID. Earlier Apple explained that Face ID might not be able to distinguish between parent and child, so authentication for Family Sharing would not be safe and secure.

However, after complaints from hundreds of owners iPhone X Apple still changed her mind. In Update iOS 11.3, it will finally be possible to confirm purchases of Family Sharing using Face ID. While this is a good change, the company should have been able to do this right from the start, when iPhone X came out. This way people didn't have to worry about entering a password for every purchase during the holidays.

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