IOS 10.3 Beta 1 introduces 'Find AirPods'

Find iPhone is one of the best, and for those who have opted for truly wireless earbuds 'AirPods' from the company Apple, finding them is now much easier , 'anyway'.

Apple - AirPods - test2

One of the complaints when using truly wireless headphones is their frequent loss, which is more understandable. And now, by providing such a 'trick', the company Apple seeks to defuse the situation around such a case. With the release of the first beta iOS 10.3 for developers, it was revealed that the company Apple enabled the 'Find AirPods' option, which makes it possible to find them if they are lost.

The 'Find AirPods' function is available in the standard 'Find iPhone' application, but there are obvious restrictions, since the connection requires a connection using the 'Bluetooth' protocol. When using the app, headphones 'AirPods' can be found if they are next to one of your branded products from the company Apple. This option is certainly not as 'comprehensive' as the 'Find iPhone' function, but at least it is better than nothing.

Using the app, you can send a beep command to find the misplaced headphones 'AirPods'. Also, the application displays the map. Users can mute one of the earbuds 'AirPods' to make it easier to find the other missing earphone.

Would you love to see Find AirPods on your device anytime soon?

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