In the future, Face ID may be added to HomePod

Looks like Apple is planning to add Face ID feature to future models HomePod. President of Inventec Appliances, which will produce speakers HomePod for Apple, David Ho said that in the future speakers will be able to recognize not only voices, but also faces or objects.


A smart speaker is very different from a smartphone and will be used by several family members every day. In addition, it will stand in the living room, where there are always a lot of people, which is also not very convenient for face recognition. Powerful microphones allow the speaker to hear voices from across the room, but you'll need to be close to it for facial recognition.

In the future, Face ID may be added to HomePod

However, analysts believe that Apple may release an updated model HomePod with 3D sensors and cameras in 2019. Inventec Appliances will become the main manufacturer of smart speakers this year, followed by Foxconn next year.

So far HomePod does not support voice or face recognition. Google Home, for example, has support for multiple users. Apple should release the smart column by the end of this year, and only then will we know more about it.

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