In iOS 11 double tap on AirPods allows you to switch between tracks

In iOS 11, there were little noticeable features and improvements that Apple did not consider necessary to mention during the presentation of the new version iOS. We have already talked about a couple of such innovations, and now we have discovered another very convenient feature in iOS 11 for AirPod users: the ability to switch to listening to the next track with a simple double tap on one of the headphones.

Apple - AirPods - test [1]

In iOS 10, it was possible to configure the functionality for a double tap or to activate Siri or to play / stop playing a music track. In iOS 11 the Cupertinians expanded the functionality of this option, adding the ability to switch either to the next or to the previous track. Thus, this action can be assigned to the left headphone to go back to the previous track, and the right headphone to go to the next track.

Previously, in iOS 10, to switch between tracks, you had to get iPhone out of your pocket or you had to ask for it Siri, which was not always convenient, especially in the presence of outside public.

What do you think of this subtle but very useful innovation from Apple?

Will it really be a useful feature?

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