Impressions of one of the first reviewers about iPhone X

Steven Levy posted his first impressions of iPhone X on Wired for a week. Levy was one of the first surveyors iPhone. Since iPhone X is about to revolutionize the smartphone world, Levy became one of those who got the opportunity to write a review of the new model even before its release.

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Stephen's opinion on iPhone X is very interesting. He doesn't deny that the new phone has several nice advantages over previous models and even iPhone 8, and one of them is the Animoji feature in Messages. It will allow you to show off to friends and family, and will also justify the $ 999 price tag.

Tim Cook calls iPhone X the 'future of smartphones'.

The new screen, camera, compactness and improved battery make iPhone X a great smartphone. The Super Retina display is large, bright and beautiful. At first, the notch at the top looks strange, but Levy writes that over time you get used to it. The lack of a Home button is also unusual, but you quickly get used to the new gestures that replaced it.

Impressions of one of the first reviewers about iPhone X

Let's get to the bottom line: how well does Face ID work? The technology works. But sometimes there were errors. Sometimes Face ID simply wouldn't unlock the phone when the surveyor held it to his face. In an attempt to trick the technology, Stephen even brought his mugshot to the camera, but that didn't work either. Sometimes Face ID didn't work even with the perfect view of the face on the camera. Apple blames Levy for not looking at his iPhone X, and Face ID only works with direct eye contact. By slightly changing the direction of his gaze, Stephen was able to make Face ID work almost perfectly. Levy also finds the new way to open Apple Pay – double-clicking on the Sleep / wake button and then confirming Face ID – more convenient than the previous one.

If you've already ordered or are planning to buy the iPhone X, be sure to read Steven Left's full review here.

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