Identical twins managed to trick Face ID with iPhone XS

When Apple first introduced Face ID on iPhone X in 2017, the company said the new system was even safer than Touch ID. This may be true, but the problem with Face ID is that the technology is slower than Touch ID and can be easily tricked by identical twins.


For the iPhone line, XS 2018 Apple has accelerated Face ID and made the system even more secure. However, the twins still cannot resist her. Face ID on iPhone XS still doesn't recognize identical twins, according to new tests.

The system was also tricked into allowing one brother to unlock a smartphone even with a beard. In the third test, one of the twins was wearing a cap, and Face ID worked successfully again.

Last year Apple immediately warned that the Face ID system could be tricked by identical twins. Plus, the twins do look the same in the video, so that Face ID slip can be forgiven.

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